The word ‘green’ has become a major buzz word around the self storage industry over the last few years. Companies are doing whatever they can to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet by installing solar panels, using fluorescent light bulbs, and a variety of other things. Some are starting to take the idea of going green a step further.

A self storage company in Corinth, Texas – Storage Solutions of Corinth – is taking a page out of the playbook that many California self storage companies are doing. They have partnered with GREENspot DROPoff and become a location for people to drop off their unwanted electronic products so that they can be recycled.

According to the Environmental Protective Agency, electronics are quickly becoming the fastest growing waste product in the nation. Some estimates have electronics accounting for around 70 percent of hazardous waste.

Overall, Americans generated over 250 million tons of trash in 2010 to be stored at the 2,000 active landfills across the country. More than 10,000 inactive ones exist and anywhere from nine to 15 new ones are created each year.

“GREENspot DROPoff is a great opportunity for a win/win situation. This gives Storage Solutions of Corinth the opportunity to not only contribute to a cleaner planet, but to also raise much-needed money to support cancer research through Kure-it.”, says Troy Downing, CEO, AC Self Storage Solutions, a veteran participant in the program.

The GREENspot DROPoff program has been only in California up until recently when it moved to Texas. Along with Storage Solutions of Corinth, also participating in the program are Longhorn Road Self Storage, Village Creek Self Storage, three Store More Self Storage locations, Freedom Storage, and five Access Self Storage locations. There are hundreds of participating self storage facilities in California.

People can drop a variety of electronic products including computer monitors, televisions, computers, lap tops, and flat screens (but not appliances).

This good deed actually pays off twice. Like the participating self storage companies in California, for every item dropped off at Storage Solutions of Corinth a dollar will be donated to Kure it, an organization that raises money to aid in kidney cancer research (as well as other forms of cancer).

“We appreciate GREENspot’s commitment to making our world a better place, both by protecting the earth and supporting Kure It’s mission to find new treatments for cancer patients,” said Kure It Director Karen Jones.

– John Stevens
Extra Space Storage