AC SSS is Engaged to Manage 65,655 Square Foot American Mini Self Storage in Memphis, TN

CARLSBAD, CA. (September 1, 2012) AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC, with offices in Carlsbad and Newport Beach, CA has been engaged to manage the American Mini Self Storage project in Memphis, TN. This is the sixth investor group from a previous syndicator to engage AC SSS.

The Memphis asset is located at 6105 Apple Tree Drive and encompasses 65,655 square feet, 393 units, 82 climate controlled units and 64 RV parking spaces.

AC Asset Management, LLC (ACAM), a subsidiary of AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC, (ACSSS), has transitioned the project and is implementing its strategic plan for the project to improve its occupancy and related overall performance.

The owners engaged ACAM to correct recent underperformance, stabilize the property, and enhance profitability and value. It was also critical to provide full transparency of operational results with investors which ACAM implements through monthly, quarterly and annual reporting along with 24/7 access to our investor portal.

Successful Transitions

“The property should improve its performance at all levels with a new and more focused management team. This effort will include repairing all deferred maintenance, stronger on-site personnel and revenue management. Our implementation of the project’s strategy will allow us to reach all of the objectives defined by the owners“, said Troy Downing, chief Executive Officer of AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC.

“There were a lot of moving parts in transitioning the project. We can now move forward to put our management practices in place”, added Craig Morris, President of AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC.